13 September, 2012

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This evening was (only) one hour of Power Vinyasa with Sue.

I have to say that, after this morning's 2.5 hour class, I had some minor concerns about how my body was going to handle another session. You know I am not one to do very many doubles. And I felt fatigued, heavy, and sore in my shoulder this morning. My only hope was for one of "The Big Is" (Intention or Ibuprofen) would get me through it.

Sure enough, a combination of the two had me feeling surprisingly peachy. It always has amazed me, and I have discussed this before, that I can go from feeling bad one day to feeling good the next. But it surprises me even more that I can shift from bad to good within the same day. I don't even understand how the body works, really. Of course, there are a number of factors that could be at play. (1) I might have shaken out the cobwebs during the morning session, (2) I had a massage today between classes (Aw yeah!), or (3) My body just doesn't do that well in the morning. It's probably a combination of all of the above.

The afternoon class was a familiar, but intense series. We still added in some additional hip and side stretches that you might not typically see in a garden variety Baptiste class, which served me well, because I am definitely holding onto a lot of tightness from the traveling. As an act of "self-nurturing," I decided to try something different with my mat arrangement. The mats we're using are a bit thinner than my Manduka that I use at home. Even on my own mat, I have felt a fair amount of soreness in my palms, and sensitivity on any bones that press hard into the mat. So I thought I would try stacking two of these thinner mats. I stacked them and did a little test run, and it still felt pretty hard. So I tossed a third one on the pile. Still felt hard. Do I hear "Four Mats?!" Yes, indeedy. Four yoga mats. And I've got to tell you, this was the best my palms have felt in months.

Yoga mat situation aside, I just felt light and almost bouncy tonight. The Chaturanga's felt like my body was made to do them, with no feeling of Jupiteresque gravity. The Warriors felt good. Everything just felt good. There was, though, the initial Chair Pose that we held for about 37 minutes (okay, truth be told, it was probably 60 seconds, maybe 75 tops). Compared to this morning, I felt like I was rocking the pose, but we an added difficult of grabbing our elbows above our heads, and I did start to lose steam on the last few seconds of the pose.

A "breakthrough" in today's class. During Warrior II series, Sue told us to work on opening up our back inner thigh and hip toward the wall that our body is facing. I tried this, and noticed that it helps evenly distribute the force between the left and right leg. Previously, I have always felt like the front leg in all the Warriors and Lunges is bearing the lion's share of the weight. With this tiny adjustment, the front leg felt lighter. That, in turn, makes Side Angle feel a lot less like I am dumping into the front hip. Very cool.

Thus completes Day 1 of what will be 6 days of day/night doubleheaders. Sue promised us that we'll all be doing Bird of Paradise by the end of the trip. I will keep an open mind to this, but I will assert that she may need to replace my shoulders, hips, and hamstrings with those of a 25 year old woman. That could be interesting on a number of levels.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I did an arm balance this morning that I'd never done before. I am not sure what it's called. But perusing Google, I would guess it is a modification of Bhujapidasana (maybe "Half Bhujapidasana?), with only one leg up over the inside arm, and the other leg is out straight with the other arm to the outside of it.

All in all, I am feeling good.

And feeling good feels good, don't you think?

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