01 September, 2012

O is for Awesome

Today was Power Vinyasa with Odessa.

In a lot of ways, I feel like Odessa's class has been a measuring stick of my progress in yoga practice. In my early days, I recall having some real struggles in her class. Every teacher has the capacity to take us to an edge. But Odessa has a special ability to dance that edge and keep you on it, without drilling you into the pavement. I feel like she's very intuitive about the energy in the room, and adjusts her class to keep the maximum number of people up and trying. It's a kind of art, and it comes naturally to her, so it seems.

Today, given only 60 minutes, someone had asked her "How hard can it be?"

As Mr. T would say, "I pity the fool who challenges her." It was a tough, but amazing class. The intention for the group was to find that edge and explore it. My own personal intention was to send the positive energy to those around me who might need it right now.

Odessa did a couple of readings from Baptiste's "Journey Into Power" today. It was interesting to me that she used the expression "a passage from Baptiste's book," because we usually say "passage" when referring to things like the bible. And it's apropos, in a way, because that book is a sort of scripture for those who have started down this path. It is without a doubt as transformational as any book there is (I have not read it yet, only heard bits and pieces from it. Though I see the impact it has on others around me).

I have made progress. Today was the first time I came to Odessa's class fully enthusiastic about whatever was to come, rather than worried if I could handle it.

Attitude continues to be everything.

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