15 September, 2012

Non fare "La Ruota"

This morning's first class was hour of Power Vinyasa with Sue.

The plan is to do a long class in the morning, and a short class in the evening. But today, the schedule was flipped around, because of our plans for the day. Today's class (and the morning) started off with the consequences of last night's class... something I forgot to mention in the post about that class. Near the end of class, I tried to do Wheel pose. This is a pose that I often attempt, though I cannot say that I have ever felt like I am comfortable in it. The actual instruction was to do Bridge or Wheel, and I chose to do Wheel. I am not really sure why, other than ego or maybe a tad of telling myself I wanted to get "the most" out of the class (both of which are flawed thinking). When I was holding the pose, I tried to arch just a little too far, and the arch must have been happening in my low back, because I felt a slight twinge of the same old back injury that keeps coming up year after year in my life. Fortunately, I backed off immediately, and it seemed to be minor, if anything. But when I woke up this morning, it had become sore and tight in the area, and every time I sit for a little while, the getting back up again is painful for the first few minutes. When I talked about it with Sue, she suggested that I probably should not be doing Wheel yet in my practice, due to the amount of tightness through my shoulders and upper back. Since I can't get my arms straight, and can't get my upper back arched, the only way to form a C-shape is by putting arch in my low back.

Sue sensed that everyone was dragging a bit this morning and, as such, class was on the mellow side. I don't think we even did a single Chair pose (though, I probably shouldn't post this before the evening class, or she may be sure to make up for it). There was a lot of Warrior II work, holding the pose, doing advanced stretches and adjustments from within the pose, and hitting some of the poses that are based from it. We also did a fair bit of work around Crescent Lunge and Low Lunge. A good long series of Salutations at the start of class. The time went by quickly.

I know why I did that Wheel last night. I am pretty sure it was mostly coming from the "ego" place.

There's a reason for sayings like "Pride comes before a fall."

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