13 September, 2012

Lasciare che il yoga inizio

Today was 2.5 hours (yes, you read that correctly) of Vinyasa yoga with Sue.

I have no idea if Google Translate did justice with the title of this blog, but you get the general idea.

We started at the crack (okay, near crack) of dawn. It was 6:45am and raining when Sue knocked on my door. I panicked, thinking I'd slept through both of my alarms. It turns out I had only slept through one of my alarms, and the other one was set for 6:50. Nonetheless, a jarring awakening. We all made our way down a winding path to the yoga studio, which is a free-standing wooden structure, with vaulted ceilings, windows on three sides, and a view out over the hills. The room is large enough that it could easily fit 60 students, without people even being mat-to-mat.

We were all tired, and sore from the flight, so the first 30-45 minutes were stretches, and lots of restorative poses, approaching what one might see in a Yin class. But then we began the Salutations. And there were a lot of them. We did a ton of Sun As which included Low Lunge, for good measure. Must have been at least 6 of them, and then moved on to Sun Bs. Our first Chair Pose of the day told me just how tired and sore my body was. We held it for a long time, and I was not able to stay up, and had to put my hands on my knees and come part of the way out of the pose. Plus, duh, I am probably sore from the 108 Salutations I did the other day.

The main feature of this morning's class was everything slow, and deep. We spent a lot of time in Twists, and Crescent Lunges. By the time we got to where one might say the end of a standing series would be, we had passed 90 minutes. We did some standing balance, which thankfully did an interesting variation where you make your way across your mat, alternating legs: first Dancer's on one foot, then Tree on the other foot, then Eagle back on the first foot. I think that's how it went. There was a Standing Split or Half Moon in there too, but it might have been part of an earlier series.

This morning was characterized by insanely tight and sore right hip. It felt like there was cement in the joint. Chaturangas hurt my shoulder a bit. I felt heavy and weak. Not surprising, of course, given the past 2 days. But still, it was something to fit into my practice, accepting what is, which was not the dreamy ideal of feeling light and wonderful at the start of 7 days of intense practice.

Rest, ibuprofen, self-acceptance, and necessary modifications. That's the prescription.

And tonight will be Round 2.

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