26 September, 2012

Even the gentlest is not gentle enough

Today was Hatha with Diane.

Peak temperature 99 degrees. Peak humidity 75%. Heat index? Too high.

I had a pretty strong class, but I am still struggling with the heat. I started fixating on the noises in the hallway, and wondering "Why can't people be quiet out there? Don't they know there's a yoga class going on?!" And then to the sounds of the traffic, trucks, ambulances outside, thinking "Why isn't there more insulation in this studio? How am I supposed to relax with this noise?!"


But there it is.

To quote Lola, my fellow yogini, from our retreat, "This is what is happening." Actually, that was an indirect quote of Lola, from Sue, who was quoting Lola as having said this. Whether we like it or not, this is what is happening, in this moment, this is what we are dealt. Our practice is to be with that moment, without drama, without judgment, and to work toward acceptance, no matter what the moment brings.

Does that mean my practice has slipped? Did going away on vacation to a Utopian environment actually take me away from being "okay" with all that is? I don't think so. I think that what the transition did was teach me something about transitions. I don't think I have ever considered myself to be sensitive to transitions. But perhaps that's something to watch.

It was a good class, but I felt hot, and my eyes stung with sweat, and I had the feeling of almost passing out when coming out of Pyramid pose. By the time we reach the mat for the floor series, I knew we'd gone long, and that time would end up being a factor. As such, I did feel the class speeding up toward the final minutes, and it was the stretching that fell victim to the time constraints. It makes me a little sad that we don't have the luxury of 90 minutes of restorative yoga at the end of a class.

But, as I said... this is what is happening.


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