08 September, 2012

Continuing to find a way

Today was Hatha at home, in Boston.

I have been sleep deprived for a few days now. This morning, I had to get up early to go to the airport and fly to Boston (not the reason I needed the passport). Regardless of the fatigue and the long day of traveling, there was still yoga to do, and I didn't manage to fit in time until after 9pm. That is really only 6pm, since my body was still on West Coast time, but I am not really even sure what time my body is on, since I have been so tired.

In any case, I managed to do a halfway decent Hatha practice in my 78 degree bedroom. It looks as though tomorrow will also be home practice, because the Sunday schedule at the local yoga studios is not in alignment with what I expect my sleep needs will be for tomorrow. That's a little unfortunate, because I would like to have attended a class with Nicole, whose class I took the last time I was in town, but she was only teaching at 8am, which might have felt like 5am in my messed up clock.

Being in Boston, of course, means more opportunity to practice in life, since family visits are often trying for me. So far, so good.

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