24 September, 2012

Back to urban yoga

Today was Hatha with Patrick.

After over two weeks of yoga in the country, and yoga in the suburbs, it was finally back to yoga in the city. It has been weeks since I took a Hatha class. And it has also been weeks since I have been in the heat, with the exception of one 90 degree class in Boston.

My body has clearly forgotten how challenging the heat can be. Practice was strong today, for the most part, and I did feel the positive effects of all the yoga I have done. I also felt the positive effect of five days off. But the heat (which peaked at 100 degrees, 71% humidity) left me feeling dizzy, nauseous, and needing to sit for over 30 minutes to settle down after class.

Dealing with the heat and dealing with challenging yoga are two entirely different things.

It was nice to see the familiar faces again, and I felt welcomed back to the community. I was even surprised at how many people knew I had gone away.

There's more to say, but I am going to push it to a separate entry.

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