11 September, 2012

108 for 108

Today was 108 Salutations to mark 108 consecutive days of yoga.

All of this sort of evolved as a "goal" without knowing this is where I would be. Back in May, I decided to do the summer challenge, which ended up being more than 45 days because I'd already been at it for about 2 weeks (May 27th, to be exact). By the time the challenge was over, I'd felt I learned how to work hard but in moderation. I was actually recovering from injuries while still doing yoga. So I decided to go for 100. When I told Jo about the 100, she inspired me to go for 108 (at the time, as I have mentioned, I didn't really understand the meaning of 108, but Wikipedia solved that one).

So, finally, as I have neared this 108 number, I realized that the only fitting way to end would be with 108 Sun Salutations.

I have to say... It's not a lot of fun, having done it now. Many of you have more experience with this than I do. And I suppose doing it in a group, with music and encouragement could be nice.

But I did it alone in my room. In 60 minutes. With one rest of about two minutes at the #50 point. I had no way of counting, so I took a stack of 11 bills and laid one on the floor every time I hit a 10-pack. It occurs to me, in hindsight, I should have done 12 x 9 or 9 x 12. But I did 10 x 10 + 8. Oh well.

After the first 20 reps, I had serious doubts about whether it was a good idea. But it got better. Only modified with knees down on maybe 6 or 8 reps.

When I came to number 108, I guess I sort of felt "something." Not a big wave of emotion. Not some great sense of accomplishment. But just the realization that "here I am... at the end of that road." But it is really just the beginning of the next road, whatever that will be. That triggers more emotion than the journey finished. The journey yet to be uncovered.

Another coincidence of this 108: it turns out that it ended the day before I begin a one-week yoga retreat, in Italy. I had no idea the timing would work that way. But the next quest starts now. I am on a train to the airport.

In yesterday's class, Bill asked us to think really hard about what our intention is for our life. And say it silently to ourselves. Mine started off pretty specific. But then it became more diffuse, but more significant.

Live from a place governed less by fear, and more by love.

That is my next journey.

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