21 August, 2012

When she shines, she really shows you all she can

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra*.

I'm trying to think of a fair analogy for the relationship between yoga instructor and yoga student. Instructors often refer to themselves as nothing more than a guide. But that's such an understatement. In some ways, it's probably more like the "Dungeon Master" in a D&D game. They lay out the course, set the stage, create the experience. The students agree to submit themselves to this landscape, and engage in the magical inner battle of the mind and body. The "yoga" is always in you. But the landscape can significantly color the experience. It can be an ordinary village, a peaceful meadow, the slopes of a great mountain... and so on.

Cassandra, always inspirational, has her days where she shows you a world that you never want to leave. Like one of those dreams where you're flying, and everything seems magical and almost "Lord of the Rings"-like. Today was one of those days, from start to finish. It's still yoga. It's essentially Baptiste Power Yoga. There were no poses invented in today's class. There were no surprises. Money did not fall from the sky. Jennifer Connelly was not a guest yogina. The difference between today and any-other-day was the special energy that Cassandra brought into the room, and the resonance between that energy and the group of students in class today.

I hate to cop out on the details, but I think I'll sum it up by saying "You had to be there."


*And a free beverage of choice to anyone who can tell me where the title of today's blog originates, without using the Googles to get the answer.

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