23 August, 2012

Welcome back, Jo

Today was Hatha with Jo.

I had no idea she was back from her honeymoon. Just automatically assumed today was Hatha with Bret. So, when I saw her there in the lobby, I asked her what she was doing here. She replied, "Well, I do still work here!" Fair enough.

Surprisingly packed class considering how sparsely Hatha classes have been attended lately. Jo was lighthearted and tough as hell. We did two sets of many poses early in class. This included the Chair series, which featured Twisted Chair, rarely seen in our Hatha classes.

Of course, the double sets early meant we ran out of time near the end. Thankfully, I was by the door today and benefited from lots of air. It made class relatively easy. And I needed an easy class. There have been many hard ones back-to-back.

That's all.

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