01 August, 2012

Tracing the outline of a star

Today was Power Vinyasa with Carley.

"And if the attention becomes scattered
Follow the line of the breath
Like tracing the outline of a star
Allow it to be interesting..."

This is what I'm talking about. Allow it to be interesting. I feel, sometimes, like I need to write a thousand words to say something. And then, someone comes along, and says everything in 5 words. I think we were in Triangle pose when she said it. She knew we were all tired. It was a pretty intense 60 minutes, and even for 90 degrees, the humidity had the air feeling a bit rarefied, since class was crowded. Triangle comes late in the series, when you think you're almost done, but there's one more Downward Dog... one more Warrior II... wondering, forgetting, "Are we doing another flow?" Nope. Just the setup for Triangle, followed by Pyramid. But our legs have done a lot by this point. It probably calls itself a stretching pose. It probably calls itself a resting pose. It probably calls itself restorative. But Triangle is still freaking hard. Basically, it's Side Angle pose, with the burden on your hamstring instead of your quadriceps. Not much of a break.

But right when my mind is ready to start spiraling off into the distractions, wishes for Savasana, and the typical "anywhere but here" wanderings, Carley snaps us back like a rubber band on the wrist: Allow it to be interesting. Where you are, here, now. It doesn't have to be torture. It doesn't have to be something you want to run away from. It can be interesting, if you only just allow it.

I'm sure I've belabored the deep philosophical meaning of a tiny snippet that breezed barely through the tip of Carley's consciousness, among a long series of instructions and inspirations, during a long series of classes (she started class by telling us she'd taught 11 classes in either 2 or 3 days, and that she didn't have a whole lot of words -- but you don't need a lot of words when you've got the knack she's got for the right words). Fleeting through one person's mind, and imprinted on another's.

All day today, my hips, ass, and trapezius muscles have been really sore. Something about yesterday's class got in there deep, and gave me a different kind of workout. That's a good thing. When we do the same routine every day, there's always a question as to whether we're getting into new places we haven't been. Whatever Carley did yesterday explored recently uncharted territory.

Tomorrow will be back to Urban Yoga Spa. I'm going to keep checking out Carley's classes, and using Be Luminous as an oasis from the super-hot. Ultimately, I maybe decide to do that dual membership I have been mulling.

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