28 August, 2012

The battle of the mind isn't easily won

Today was Power Vinyasa with Whitney.

One of the hardest classes I have done in a very long time. When I walked in to the room, twenty minutes before the start of class, it was 101 degrees (with all the doors open), and so humid that it felt like it could start raining in the room at any moment. That didn't bode well, since humidity is slow to dissipate. I positioned myself as close to the door as I could possibly get, in the hopes of mitigating. It was barely a help, and I can only imagine what it must have been like to be buried deep in the room during this class.

Whitney's always tough, but today was an exception even beyond that. About 5-10 minutes into class, after barely a few minutes of warm-up Salutations, Whitney threw us into a Chair series, that involved sweeping arms forward and backward, and Prayer Twist, on both sides, with arm sweeps in-between, never coming out of the chair. At the end of the second side, I had to give in and squat down for a brief second, because my legs were burning so badly. And this, so early in the class, figuratively "broke my spirit," such that I was dancing on the edge of all my mental walls for the remainder of class.

All of the usual battles inside. Why does it need to be so hot? Why is there no air circulation? I'm battling myself, I think? Though, as I continually say, I am not sure it is a battle I want to fight. By the time we were doing Triangle pose near the end of class, I was so dizzy and light-headed, I thought I might pass out. The door was opened on a number of occasions in the second half of class, but the problem is that air doesn't really come in when it's that humid.

Complain, complain, complain.

I made it through class, and did the best that I could.

After class, I saw Whitney getting ready to leave the studio, with a big smile on her face. And I couldn't help but smile back, in spite of the fact that she just got done torturing me for an hour. I jest. I think that it might have been good for me. Maybe? I really don't know. I felt pretty euphoric after class.

To steal (and modify) a line from an Ingrid Michaelson song, "The battle of the mind isn't easily won."

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