11 August, 2012

Step in the right direction

Today was 90 minutes of Power Vinyasa with Odessa.

For those of you who've been reading for a while, you'll recall that I tend to come to Odessa's 90 minute classes with an unhealthy amount of fear and expectation. And, not surprisingly, those expectations have usually been met. Funny how that works. She's even said to me to stop thinking about it, and just do it. Good advice. So I tried it. Class was still difficult, but I felt like I did much better. Part of the reason for this, I do believe was the dropping of the preconceptions about what class would be. But another attribution I will make is that I took that series of Baptiste classes at Be Luminous. The sequence they do over there (which, I am told, is "The Baptiste Sequence") is pretty much identical to what Odessa usually does. And now that I have experienced this a few more times, from a few more teachers, I am starting to understand the sequence.  It used to be that, every time Pyramid and Triangle would show up *late* in her class, I would be like "Oh my god! What are we doing in another Warrior II?!" But now, after repetition, I understand that it's actually part of the final stretching of the standing series. It's become clearer to me. And thus, easier. But, to over-think, which is what I'm best at doing, is it really in our best interest for things to become "easier?" Hm... Therein lies the rub (since I'm being cheesy, I might as well go all out, right). I think the real trick is not to have things become easier because they've become more familiar but, rather, to have familiarity slowly cease to be a condition of acceptance. The moment.

Damn it. Why does it keep coming back to that?


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