10 August, 2012

Part of you is weightless

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra.

It's been such a long time since I have taken her class.
Cassandra's class comes in at least three distinct flavors: spiritually uplifting, ass-kicking, and dreamy restorative. Each of those variations is its own brand of fantastic. But I was very happy that today was a restorative day. It's exactly what I needed. My body and mind.

There were only about 12-15 people in class, which made things feel peaceful from the start. We spent a lot of time in the poses. There were no fast flows. Just deliberate, deep asanas, with a focus on shoulder and heart-opening poses.

As I have been feeling pretty strong lately, I opted for Dolphin Plank during the first two breaks. The second break was a long one, meaning I spent almost two minutes in the pose. And, to my surprise, though I probably should have seen it coming, Cassandra had us go into Dolphin (not Plank) from the "break." Therefore, I spent a really, really long time in that position. Needless to say, my next opportunity to rest was not one that I would trade away.

Cassandra spoke about finding the part of ourselves that is weightless. I liked that image. We have it in us to tap into a place of lightness. A place where there is ease.

Just choose it.

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  1. i was there...great class. I loved that, I felt weightless. You don't get that many opportunities to feel that way.