22 August, 2012

Not so luminous

Today was Power Vinyasa with Carley.

Every class has its "on" days and its "off" days. Today was the first time that the energy in a Carley class did not feel absolutely uplifting. I'm not sure really why. It was gloomy outside, and the light in the room was considerably different than usual. From the moment class started, the energy was just... different. It was heavier. Usually, we have classes in silence with little or no music, and the air is filled with breath and electricity. Today, we had quiet music throughout most of the class. Usually, there are many tidbits of magical lightness sprinkled through class. Today, it was just a little quieter, and a little more serious. Usually, class begins with a query of how everyone's doing today, and some light comments about the state of things, either internal for her, or external with us. Today, we were almost immediately, quietly, ushered into the opening Child's Pose.

Interestingly, what we lacked in levity was made up with intensity. Carley brought a very tough practice today, and included several poses (including a few for stretching the fronts of our shins) that are rarely ever seen in a Vinyasa class. We started class a bit differently than usual, with some lunges and twists nearly at the beginning of class, before moving into the more "Baptistesque" sequences.

My practice was pretty strong today, but my body feels tired, and my muscles feel sore. I have been working pretty hard the last few days, especially on the poses involving oblique muscles. The obvious ones are the Side Planks, but I've also been working on lengthening more during Side Angle pose, and extending more during the twisted poses. As a result, I have a lot of soreness in places that are usually not sure. Additionally, all of the muscles around my shoulders and upper back are feeling it more than usual.

It was still a great class, even if the mood was a bit different from usual. I also am open to the possibility that I am projecting all of this, and that the darkness and heaviness might have been inside of me. Though, I don't feel dark or heavy today, so I'm only offering that up as a humble possibility, recognizing that perspective is not always objectively true.

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