24 August, 2012

New faces, old fatigue

Today was 75 minutes of Power Vinyasa with Jen at Be Luminous.

Woke up feeling like I am getting a cold. Who knows why. Went to sleep early and slept over 8 hours. Decided today was a day for less-hot yoga and scouted the options. In any case, class would be with a new instructor for me, and that seemed like a perfectly good idea.

There were only 7 of us in class. We started off by doing little introductions in pairs and then we went around room and introduced ourselves. Who are you? Why are you here? The answers were varied: neck pain, relaxation, movement, repenting for eating cake or, in my case, to keep my streak alive at 90 consecutive days.

Jen noted that this was a Level 1 class, but I am honesty not really feeling like that means class will be particularly easy. In fact, today was freaking hard. But I know that a lot of that was just where my body is right now. Every Chaturanga felt heavy and painful. We did three sets of Dancer's Pose, two with a strap to hold our foot above our head (or at least in that general direction).

Today didn't really bring anything new or revelatory for me. But that sure was not Jen's fault. My body was just not up to it.

I am not going to start any sort of countdown, but I am keenly aware that there's 18 days to go.

Until what?

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