27 August, 2012

Lots of love

Today was Power Vinyasa with Jo.

There are days where class feels more or less like you've got your own personal trainer. Today was one of those days. There must have been 75-80 people there, but I still felt like Jo managed to give me enough personal attention that I really felt loved and cared for. Whether it was an adjustment, or assistance, or a touch during Child's Pose, or a smile when she walked by... it really was nice.

I'd expected it to be extremely difficult today, since the Monday 5:30 often is. But there was something gentle about it, in spite of the intensity. And Jo brought her humor and levity in her teaching style. Whenever she has us do something extremely difficult, she will sigh or groan or say something funny like "Oh goodness!" It is a little playfulness that helps keep things light. I found myself laughing several times today.

Anyway, another good day. I did find the need to search for a place of ease in the practice, as I remain tired and a bit sore.

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