18 August, 2012

Home is where the distractions are

Today was Hatha at Home.

Because of fatigue and soreness, I decided that it was best for me to practice at home today. The options at Urban were either earlier than I wanted (Colette) or more difficult than I wanted (Odessa and Kathy), and my afternoon plans ruled out the other options. I considered Be Luminous, but really wanted Hatha. I even looked at the schedule for Breathe, a studio I have never visited. But I settled on home.

It was a balmy 76 degrees. It was a good practice, but I allowed myself to be distracted a bit. First, the music distracted me. I wanted to try out Krishna Das (say it ain't so), but whatever tracks I found on Spotify were nothing like what we hear in class, and they annoyed me. So I settled on a shuffle of Ingrid Michaelson.

I got the music sorted, but I was still was distracted by texts on my phone.

Today was a day where the practice was more about doing the poses well, and doing them fully. My head was on the other things. Normally this isn't such a challenge.

I guess I need to expect that doing yoga every day will lead to some less focused days.

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