14 August, 2012

Happy hour of power

Today was Power Vinyasa with Whitney.

And today, I got my best physical evidence of just how true it is that it's all in the mind, and that the body just plays along. Of course, I already knew that. But to know it theoretically is different than seeing it in action.

Today, I met a friend for coffee in the afternoon. It was a former colleague who was visiting campus. Coffee ended up becoming non-coffee, and the time passed. I knew that this would all culminate with yoga class, so I had no illusions. I also knew that, ill-advised as it may be, I have "succeeded" at this before. Not a great data point to have, but there it is.


Off to Whitney's class I go. I arrive jolly and ready for whatever will come. And, it would seem that Whitney brought the fire. But, for some reason, I just responded by peacefully doing the poses. I didn't even slack off. It was a full effort. But it came with ease. I left class feeling euphoric and light.

And it occurred to me... My mind is what holds me back. Not just in yoga, but in life. Thinking is my greatest asset, but also my downfall. The reduced "inhibition" I had going for me today amounted to reduced thinking. My focus was on pulling this shit off, regardless. And the mind, slightly attenuated, got out of the way. Even a slightly compromised body is overshadowed by a quiet and purposeful mind. And the converse is also true. A scattered mind is not able to master even the most able body.

The quiet mind is everything.

But there's got to be a better way of getting there than happy hour.

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