30 August, 2012

Gentle yoga = Yin?

Today was Gentle Yoga with Nicole.

I had no idea what gentle yoga would be. I only knew that, whatever it was, it's what I needed. Turns out, it's Yin. This was my second class with Nicole, and I really enjoyed it.

We started off, the 10 of us, by introducing ourselves and stating one word to describe how we were feeling. It seems so innocuous, but those simple acts of sharing really made me feel a sense of connection with people in the room. The emotions ranged from "great" to "anxious" to "uneasy" to "relaxed." I was "sore," as you may have guessed.

We did about 5 minutes of meditation. Then we did a pretty basic Vinyasa flow for 10-15 minutes. And then... The Yin.

It was pretty similar to UYS Yin. Same series of poses. Focus was mainly on hips and hamstrings. Temperature was only around 80 degrees though.

For the first time, I left class without breaking a sweat. Interestingly, in some way, I feel like I didn't really do yoga because I didn't sweat. But yoga is still yoga even when it's not hot yoga.


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