31 August, 2012

Drowning in Dave

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra.

Given the ongoing soreness, and my seeming inability to remember to take ibuprofen, I was nervous about today's class. But it turned out, the hardest part of class was the soundtrack, a mix of Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, and other bands I did my best to miss the first time around.

Nonetheless, I had a pretty good class. Cassandra was inspiring, the room wasn't toooooo hot, and she kept class interesting with a few flows that I had never done before (i.e. step forward and immediately come to Side Angle, then Triangle, Warrior II, Half Moon, Warrior II, reverse, flow).

Being the start of a long weekend, class was somewhat of an eclectic assortment of people, trying to fit in their yoga before going away.

I can't really call today a "bad day" because I had a good class. But my body is sore all over. Wrists. Hips. Shoulder. Heels. Sometimes I think I have some sort of degenerative disease. And then I decide I am probably just a hypochondriac.

In one week I will be Boston-bound. On the final stretch of this marathon.

What will a day off feel like?

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