13 August, 2012

Don't let the bad make you forget the good

In the haze of my post-class funk yesterday, I neglected to mention something positive that occurred during class. We were doing Crow pose, about halfway through class. Somehow, in my Crow, I started losing my balance, falling forward. I landed directly in a tripod position, without toppling over completely. And I decided to play with it, since there I was anyway. First, I got a little comfortable just being in that position. And then, I tried to lift my left knee off my elbow. It was hard, but I did manage to lift it just a few inches, without falling. But I felt shaky. I noticed that my core wasn't exactly "facilitating" the effort. But I got to experience, for the first time, which muscles are even involved in making the transition to the headstand. I brought the leg back down to Crow. Then I tried the right leg, and noticed that it was less willing to lift than my left. Much like many other poses, there's some imbalance there. Of course, it's not surprising, or bad. But now I know something I didn't know before.

I could have walked out of Gordy's class yesterday excited that I had my first dabbling with Tripod Headstand.

Again, it's all about perspective.

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