04 August, 2012

Do try this at home

Today was Power Vinyasa at home.

The schedule didn't work out fantastic for me today in terms of attending classes at a studio. I could have done so, but I decided last night that I'd rather do a home practice today, and that it would be Vinyasa this time, instead of Hatha. Something new. Something untried.

Again, I was surprised by how easy it was to stay focused and on plan, while self-guided. Today's class was conducted at 81 degrees (almost studio temperature... well, at some studios). I had no music, because my computer was no cooperating with me. But it was just as well. I enjoyed the quiet.

Decided to go for a tough class which was a blend of many different classes I've taken. There was a lot of flow, and lots of twisting. There were abs, and floor series, but no standing balance. In spite of the relatively low temperature, I was sweating a ridiculous amount. It really amazes me how much, considering that I have never thought of myself as someone who sweats much. Did it change? Or was I just never correct in my perception.

Being able to have a good, solid, hard class when self-directed feels great. It builds a lot of confidence. I have learned how to focus. While I enjoy having an instructor, a studio, and fellow yogis around me, I do not require these things to practice yoga. I am learning how to do yoga on the inside.

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