26 August, 2012

Better than my words can describe

Today was Power Vinyasa with Heidi.

I sat here for five minutes trying to come up with a title for the entry. Nothing was coming to mind. I'm tired, and feeling on the verge of writer's block. In fact, feeling that "I don't want to write today" kind of feeling. I know that means I had better write, before it slips out from under me.

I had low hopes for my ability to be "on" for a 9am Sunday class. But I'd made a promise to Heidi to do my best to attend her first-ever class in Studio A, "The Big Studio." The good news is that class turned out to be wonderful. I'm not entirely sure what it is that makes a class wonderful. It's not always the same thing each time, of course. And some part of it may have even been knowing that I showed up for myself, and to support my friend. But, objectively speaking, it was also a very good class. The pace was great. I like it when the poses feel like they have distinct cadence to them. I have mentioned this before, that I like when each part of the Vinyasa flow has enough of a beat to it that you can be in the different stages, rather than smearing the whole flow together. Heidi seems to be a natural at this. From what I have seen, it is not a function of experience, as to whether or not teachers deliberate this flow. I have seen very experienced teachers who do it (what I would say is) too quickly. Maybe it's a matter of preference? Maybe some people like to flow really fast? Perhaps.

It didn't feel particularly hot in the class today, though I was told after class that it was actually quite hot. Suspecting it was low humidity, perhaps being the first class of the day, and having an attendance of only around 25-30 people in a room that often has 80 or more.

Regretting that I don't have more to say about this one, because it was certainly inspiring. But my head is tired, and my words are plain. I'll stop, rather than ramble.

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