07 August, 2012

Be a weed, not a flower

Today was 90 minutes of Power Vinyasa with Carley.

Hard day at work today. My head was not doing great. Was churning away on both the stress and ambiguity of a tough project at work, and also had the lingering effects of an encounter I had last night with a friend, where I had inadvertently hurt their feelings. By the time I had made it through my day, I was desperately feeling the need to get on the mat and try to let it all go.

I got what I came for… sort of… it was a difficult class for me today. My body has felt tired these last few days. Not sore or injured, but just tired. And the 90 minute classes are a lot of work. At the end of class, I was in a sort of fog-daze. I would call it euphoria if I’d felt more positive. But I guess it would be more accurate to say it was just floaty.

Carley talked about the different energies we can draw upon, or experience: air, earth, water, fire. She said we should try to notice these energies as they arise. But I don’t know what energy I was feeling. She said that water is flowing, but to me it could also be drowning. She said that fire can be exuberance, but to me it could also be destruction. She said that air is a sense of lightness, but to me it could also be disappearing. She said that earth can be a sense of grounding, but to me it could also be death.

I guess I’m still seeing things through the negative light.

Carley told us, during Tree pose, to be a weed, not a flower. Because weeds can grow anywhere and thrive in any conditions.

Just trying to be a weed today.

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  1. Which teacher would you recommend the most at Be Luminous? I think I will try it soon. My fav classes at UYS are with Kathy if that gives you a reference point