16 August, 2012

Baptiste in a blender

Today was Power Vinyasa with Ginger.

After my happy hour of power post the other day, I can imagine what you're thinking this one is going to be, with such a title. But I assure you, it is not the case.

Today, I found my schedule encountering a last-minute change that left me no option but to attend a morning class with Ginger. And this was actually a good thing, because I have been eager to return to her class after yet another rough experience last week. When I arrived, she was in the lobby, and I asked her if she was planning on standing at the far end of the room (where she often stands), because I wanted to position myself as close to her as possible. After the last class, where I had difficulty understanding the poses, I thought I should take initiative on my own to make things easier, rather than just be frustrated during class. Ginger informed me that she would, indeed, be at that end of the room, but that she was just planning on "doing Baptiste" because she was substituting for another instructor.

I thought about what it might mean when Ginger says she's "doing Baptiste," and (correctly) assumed that her idea of this might be quite a bit different from my idea, or Baptiste's idea, of what it means. It turns out, when you take apart the dinosaur skeleton and put all the bones back together in a different arrangement, you might just end up with a ring-tailed lemur.

Nonetheless, today's class went really well. It was extremely difficult, but it felt like a huge success. Class was so hot at a couple of points, I felt like someone was holding a blow torch pointing down at me from the ceiling. But I stuck with it, and didn't give in to the mind. Even though her poses were so fatiguing on my upper body, I kept it together. At one point, she had us doing "knee-to-elbow" while in Side Plank!

I want to be the kind of person who craves a challenge. I want to run straight toward the hardest thing, rather than always looking for the easy route. I feel like I have lived a lot of my life trying to avoid bad experiences, rather than to figure out how to turn them into good ones. I believe it was in a yoga class that someone first said to me that everyone we meet, and everything we encounter has the potential to serve as a teacher to us.

Teachers everywhere.

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