13 August, 2012

Back into the belly of the beast

Today was Power Vinyasa with Gordy.

Yesterday's class, for obvious reasons, mandated that I return immediately to exorcise (and exercise) the demons that were left lingering from the mental meltdown of the last third of that class. I showed up today very determined to have a good class, and very determined to absolutely rock it. That's Intention with a capital I. And, sure enough, I breezed through class. The sequence, save for 15 minutes shorter, was nearly identical to yesterday's class. There were a couple of sequences cut. And the flow near the end of class was considerably simpler (standard Sun B, rather than augmented with Crescent Lunges and Airplanes). It was probably just as hot as yesterday, and my mind did start chirping the same type of thoughts, about halfway through class. It's always the questions... "Why does it need to be this hot? What benefit is there?" But this time, I just labeled it, and moved on. I didn't allow myself to spin out and grab the thought. It's ludicrous to believe we can not have thoughts. But it's completely achievable to move past our thoughts.

This is the practice of yoga.

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