12 August, 2012

And then, Megan hit me in the head with a block

Every class starts with Child's Pose. Or Rag Doll. Or something that has a Sanskrit name. 

What is less documented, but equally important, are the little bits of life that happen just before and just after class. The before class usually involves little circles of people catching up, saying hello. Warm-up poses, and various forms of meditation to get oneself from "wherever we were before" to the here-and-now of the mat. The after class usually involves sharing about the experience we just had, expressions of gratitude, quiet pensive moments of absorbing the goodness of it all or, in some cases, recovering from the intensity of it all. All of that occurs on a daily basis, and it rarely makes the headlines, in spite of the fact that it's an important piece in the pursuit of our practice.

Occasionally, when you make the mistake of responding to an instructor's query for any requests by suggesting "Dolphin Plank," you may find yourself getting bonked in the head by Megan with a block. 

They don't tell you this in Yoga 101. 

But be forewarned.

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