29 July, 2012

Wherever you go, there's your mat

Today was Hatha (66 minutes) in my bedroom.

I knew this weekend's schedule would not afford me the opportunity to do yoga in any studio. There were some grander visions of how it would look instead but, in the end, it was yoga in my bedroom, listening to Spotify (radio station based on Pomplamoose, a band I highly recommend - in fact, if you want to become obsessed with them in 30 seconds flat, check out this YouTube video of them doing a cover of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce... but I digress).

Postponing yoga until 9pm is not a fantastic idea, in general. Especially, when it's preceded by food, sunshine, cocktails, a long day of driving, and not much sleep the night before. But part of this yoga marathon (64 days) has been finding a way to do it every day, no matter what else happens.

The upside to doing yoga alone, at home: (1) Temperature is a comfortable 78 degrees in my room. Not great for sleeping, but fantastic for yoga. (2) I can stay in the poses until my mind says it's time to come out of them. I try to adhere to what I perceive to be the typical duration for the poses, which we know varies by instructor, but there's something nice about being the voice that says "when." (3) I control the playlist.

The downside to doing yoga alone, at home: (1) It's a little harder to focus in a room with all my "stuff," as compared to a spartan studio. (2) There's something nice about having the collective of yogis engaged in the same mission. (3) My rug was a little slippery in Side Angle pose.

So, it was a Hatha class. It's actually quite easy to pace the class. I didn't feel like I needed to speed up or slow down, just do the usual tempo. Finished with Eagle pose at the 20 minute mark. Went to the floor at the 40 minute mark. Seems about right. In spite of the low temperature, I broke quite a sweat by the time I hit Side Angle pose.

One would think it's harder to do by oneself. But one would be wrong. If you've taken enough classes, you actually pretty much hear the various instructors voices in your head while you're doing it. My class was a mixture of Bret and Patrick's voices, probably because those have been several of my most recent Hatha classes.

Now I need to try to de-energize myself so that I can actually fall asleep tonight.

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