20 July, 2012

Time to shake things up

Today was Hatha with Bret.

Normally, Friday is my Cassandra day, come hell or high water. It's become almost like a church for me. But the past few days, I have been getting that urge that I've had once or twice in the past that it's time to really shuffle things around, and go for opposites. Every instructor has a different style, and a different message. And we humans tend to get into patterns that can be internally driven, or can be influenced by the things we expose ourselves to in our environment. I am interested to see if I can shift my energy and shift my perspective by changing the things I expose myself to each day.

So, it's Bret on a Friday.

Class was roasting hot. But guess what? Didn't need a single sip of water, and spent both of the resting points in class (after Eagle, and before Triangle) in Dolphin Plank. I'm not showing off, and I'm not trying to run myself into the ground. I am just listening to my body, instead of listening to my brain. The brain says "Drink! Drink! Drink! Rest! Rest! Rest!" because it wants to make sure that you're going to be hydrated enough and rested enough in the future. The brain doesn't spend a lot of energy, of its own volition, on now. It's planning ahead. But I listened to my body, and my body said "Nope. Don't need water. I'm good. Keep on keepin' on!"

So I did.

I did one of those "What if?" games... "What if I work a little harder here, instead of backing off?" There was a momentary thought (in my mind, of course, not my body) of "Am I gonna be sorry later, when we're doing Balancing Stick and I've got nothing left?" But that shouldn't even make any sense, and it doesn't. How would Dolphin Plank for 60 seconds affect someone's ability to do Balancing Stick five minutes later? It wouldn't affect it. Other than our mind having a certain preferred capacity for how much work it wants to allow our body to do. Fact is, our body can do way more than our mind wants it to do. Our mind is like Jamie Gertz's character on that Seinfeld episode, telling our body (Elaine) "Sorry. I can't spare a square." (that reference will hopefully be not-lost on at least one person).

Bret did a lot of unconventional, awesome things today in class. We had at least a couple of full-on Chaturanga flows offered as transitions in different parts of the class. He's had us doing a neat side stretch called Stargazer, near the end of class, as a transition during the Seated Twist poses.

So, for the next few days, or weeks, I will be looking at the schedule with an eye for doing what I normally wouldn't do. Seeking out the classes that I might be a little sheepish about taking. Staying away from comfortable, familiar favorites.

Finding myself in new places, being subtly shaped by new messages.

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