17 July, 2012

The hot corner is hot

Today was Power Vinyasa with Whitney.

Class started oppressively hot, and the needle never really moved from there. After my big commitment about showing up with intention, I am not sure I met that bar today. I survived. That's about the best I can say about it. At the halfway point, there was that familiar devolution into silent mini-rage, at why and how it is necessary for the room to be so hot that it one cannot actually obtain air. There were the typical fantasies about going to a different yoga studio that is cooler. All the usually ghouls and demons reared their heads. But I just kept on walking past them, and staying in the series of poses that Whitney requested. It's all I can do, right? Let the mind do its talking, and try to not let that interfere with what the body needs to do.

I am not really sure if oppressive heat is "The Right Way" to do a hot yoga class, or if there is some loss of the original vision. What would Baron Baptiste say if he came into a studio that was teaching his series, but 15 degrees hotter than he does? Would he say "Way to go?" or "Um... I don't know if this is such a good idea?" I don't know. I figure that if I can keep myself together, and build a stronger mind, and not actually physically decease in there on the mat, this will probably be of benefit to me, no matter how grueling it might be in the moment.

There. Was that uplifting enough for you? Perhaps tomorrow will bring better spirits.

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