09 July, 2012

The Countdown

Today was Hatha followed by Yin with Patrick.

The countdown is on. Unless I have woefully miscalculated, the 45-day challenge should be ending this coming weekend. Of course, I have long since passed the 45-day mark, since my streak started around the 24th of May. But who's counting, right? I'm not really sure what, if anything, I'll want to do differently at the end of the yoga challenge. It's become such a habit, it's almost easier to keep going. Though, I suspect it could be good for my body to take some rest days. Maybe back off to 5 times a week, instead of 7. Maybe take a field trip to another studio just to jump start the system with some variety. Who knows?

The main reason for doing the double today was that I wanted to take the Yin class, but felt it would be better not to take it on cold muscles coming straight off the street. I am glad I did the Yin class again, though it was one of those days where parts of it felt like I just couldn't get there. Could not get into the positions required to access the body parts that are indicated for the given poses. Either due to tightness, or injury, some things are just not available to me.

Not much to say today.

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