28 July, 2012

Smile and a helping hand

Today was 90 minutes of Power Vinyasa with Zakkry at Be Luminous.

I am always a bit afraid of the 90 minute classes, though I have tended to assume that a large part of that was due to dehydration from the heat. Turns out, even in a much cooler room, a 90 minute class is just more challenging. Duh. I shouldn't have needed a mathematical formula to know that 50% more yoga would be more tiring.

Zakkry came into class with a big smile on his face, and he pretty much kept that smile going for 90 minutes straight. Slow, deliberate instruction, with encouragement to take our time in the poses (read: stay in poses for a looooong time), and lots of adjustments that were very hands on, and very helpful. He's just got an incredibly uplifting positive energy to him, almost playful.

The class was a "Level 1" class, which I had expected would mean the sequences would be easier than what I have seen in previous classes, or at Urban Yoga Spa. But I was incorrect. This class was nearly the exact same set of poses I have seen at every class I've taken at Be Luminous. The only difference between the 60 and 90 minute classes, it would seem, was the amount of time spent in each pose. And there appeared to be far more people in the class who were beginners, based on what I could see when glancing around. Of course, if you are going all the way into the poses (or at least, trying to find an edge), then staying longer in poses makes for quite an intense class. I actually was a bit shocked at how much I sweated, given that it was only 90 degrees.

Okay, that's all.

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