31 July, 2012

Second time is still the charm

Today was 90 minutes of Power Vinyasa with Carley.

I had to find out if that stellar experience of last week was merely a convergence of multiple magical forces. Turns out, nope. Carley's an amazing instructor. Of course, I am realizing that what we have in our rich yoga community in Seattle is a wealth of fantastic teachers. Someone for everyone. And one size does not fit all. After class today, Carley pointed out that she and her colleague Nicole complement each other well because Nicole's "earth" balances her "fire" and "air" (or maybe it was water). And it made me realize, in perfect metaphor (my favorite mode of communication), how it can be that we each resonate with different instructors' styles. I guess I am a fire and air guy? Earth is nice, but it's not the channel that sings to me? I dunno. Maybe this is all silliness.

So, class was 90 minutes. And it felt good. My knees and hips are a little stiff lately, but not prohibitive. The cadence and energy of the class, the wording of the cues, the humor, the lightness, lifted me at least part way out of a funk that had set in from an ambiguous and chaotic work day. I was able to come to the moment.

Some unique elements in today's class: a different way of coming into Dolphin Plank using a block to define hand position while on your knees, and then going first to Dolphin, then waking back the feet until you're in a plank. Interesting entry. Another was trying Crow by squatting with your feet on a block. This one was actually harder for me than regular Crow. I chickened out.

Felt strong overall today. Much preferring 90 minutes in the modest heat. It's good to feel strong in a 90, since I usually am obliterated.

I need to Google "Kali the Destroyer" since Carley referred to this character with respect to Lion's Pose. What's the scoop on that, eh?

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