08 July, 2012

Nope. It still hurts.

Today was Power Vinyasa with Kelley.

Here's where a yoga "challenge" gets in the way of listening to my body. My shoulders have been really hurting, and there's no way I would have ever done another Vinyasa class today, but my schedule rendered 9am as the only viable time to practice.

I suppose I could have done a Hatha home practice. In fact, I should have. But I opted to just go for it. Modified every single Chaturanga, but it didn't matter. Lowering down with my knees on the floor felt terrible too. The only other modification I could have done would be to go from Plank right into Downward Dog. Unfortunately I didn't think of that one until just this moment.

Kelley's a tough teacher, as I mentioned. I was grateful that, once again, class was not too hot.

The challenge is almost over. I've avoided major injuries. But I still need to learn to search deeper for the path of least damage.

How does that relate to my life?

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