11 July, 2012

No knee to nose

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra.

As a joke, I'd asked her to please not make us do "knee to nose" in today's class. Unfortunately, I neglected to word it explicitly enough. I said "do not say the words 'knee to nose'" which she cleverly interpreted as "knee to elbow is just fine." Anyway, it was worth a laugh in class today, and that's always a good thing.

The big decision in today's class, which I think I mentioned previously, was that I decided to try a Chaturanga-free practice. No Upward Dogs. No Low Cobras. None of it. Today, "Vinyasa Flow" meant "High Plank to Downward Dog." Every other attempt to give my shoulder a break has failed to provide adequate relief. What I found was that this worked well. And it was still a decent workout, because it meant I was doing High Plank "holds" instead of going through the flow.

At this point, anything is worth trying.

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