04 July, 2012

More tales from Planet Ginger

Today was Power Vinyasa with Ginger.

No matter how many times I tell myself "Be Prepared For Anything!" I will always be surprised and unprepared for what transpires in Ginger's class. It simultaneously beats me up and keeps me coming back. Today's class started at 9am, with the proclamation that the heat was "not working" and that we'd have to rely on our own internal heat today. Of course, I was absolutely overjoyed at the prospect, and immediately geared my entire mindset toward the bliss of an 85 degree class. Fast forward 15 minutes, and it became clear that this assessment of the heat was, shall we say, less than correct. The heat was working just fine, and it was very quickly (guessing) 105 degrees in the room. For some reason, call it "unmet expectations," it hit me much more that the temperature was not what I was expecting than if I had just gone into a class expecting the heat.

The sequences themselves were the standard fare of unusual flows and wild transitions. I don't think we did a single unmodified Sun A in the entire class. I don't think we did a Rag Doll until about 30 minutes into class. Perhaps I need to take her class more often, so that it starts to become more familiar? Though I wonder, is the routine consistent enough from class to class that I would ever become familiar?

It kills me. Every time.

So why do I keep wanting to come back?

Well, I guess I remain curious. It's kind of fun, albeit grueling. And I am looking forward to that day where I show up and rock a Ginger class.

For now, I'm still waiting :)

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