12 July, 2012

Learning to breathe

Today was Hatha with Bret.

It was a pretty standard Bret experience today. We did a few variations on the normal Hatha poses, with some unusual stretches, one of which looked a lot like Side Plank with the bottom knee down. We even did a little bit of Vinyasa flow in there, for good measure (though, this has actually been a week full of unusual Hatha "poses" - Patrick had us doing Push-Ups on Monday, and Marva had us doing hardcore abs).

After class today, I decided I should go get one of the many massages that I am "owed" by Massage Envy (where I have a membership). It's been about 6 months since I have visited them, and the 1-per-month quota keeps accumulating if you don't use them (fortunately).

During the massage, I made an interesting discovery. It's a lot easier to relax and breathe now than it used to be. I was able to take that "Savasana" breathing onto the massage table, and really relax, in a way I probably never have before. The massage therapist even commented on how good my breathing was! At one point, I am pretty sure I was down around 2 breaths per minute. And I also realized, when I really relax, there's a lot more room on the inhalation side of the breath than I typically experience. I have a hard time "filling" with air when I breathe. I am not sure if it's because I don't usually use my full lung capacity, or if it's some other reason, but I was shocked to find that I could keep taking in a little more, a little more, getting maybe an extra 10 seconds on the inhalation side.

It seems weird to think that we need to train our lungs and chest to expand that far. But why should that be surprising? It's no different than any other muscles.

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