27 July, 2012

Hot is still hot

Today was Hatha with Bret.

Back to UYS today. Today was my first Hatha class in a while. Not even sure when the last one was. Think it was this same class a week ago. After four days at the cooler Be Luminous, I really felt the heat today.

The past few days I have been distracted with the pondering of how to move forward after this little yoga field trip. I am having a hard time even writing about it, honestly. There's "what feels good for my body" and there's "all the other stuff," including community, teachers I like, loyalty, etc. I am finding myself analyzing (what I do) and negotiating with myself. Logic such as: "I could start eating breakfast at home and bringing my lunch to work... Then I could have a membership at both places..."

Thing is, I don't want extra complexity. But maybe the complexity is just in my head. Surely. I want to simplify. Going two places doesn't feel simpler. But I want to maintain my community and do what feels right for my body. Some people thrive in the heat. I wilt. They say you get used to it. It's true that my capacity to perform in the heat has expanded greatly in 9 months. But my comfort hasn't. Ah... But is it supposed to be comfortable? I know the answer to that one.

Today, Bret said "decide which variation you like better and then do the other one." It was classic Bret humor. But perhaps it is also truth. I don't know.

Nike says "Just Do It."

It's a good thing I don't work for Nike.

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