05 July, 2012

Getting in tune

Today was Hatha with Jo.

It's been two years since I played in a band. Prior to that, I spent most of my adult life playing in bands or, at the very least, playing with other people. The last band "breakup" was tough on me because it was unexpected, sad, and it was very much avoidable. I'm reminded of a quote by a friend of mine in the medical profession. She said "There are no car 'accidents,' only car 'crashes.'" (and I have no idea how to punctuate that sentence properly)

That notion ends up being apropos in more ways than I will discuss, but the reason I mention it is because it's about awareness and intention, both of which I have been working on daily.

In class today, Jo said "We tend to move toward wherever we focus." That's actually been my mantra for quite some time, in slightly different words: "Where you look is where you go."

I'm rambling and dancing around the point. The main point is that I've been away from music for two years and an important part of me has been dormant, nearly absent. Now, during this 45-day yoga challenge, things are awakening in me. I started looking for a new band, and I am doing an audition this weekend. I could have done that any time in the past two years. But I became "ready" now. During the yoga challenge.

Emptying the cup to make room for something new... Letting go... Call it whatever you want. This shit works.

Things are shifting.

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