18 July, 2012

First time for everything

Today was Hatha with Diane.

And it was the first time, ever, in a hot yoga class, where I did not require a single sip of water for an entire class. Could it be the pound of Rainier cherries that I ate today? Or perhaps the quart of mango juice? I am not sure. But I just felt great the entire class, and didn't ever feel like I needed to hydrate. It was nice, actually. The class was not particularly hot, though I am not sure if the temperature was lower, if it was just my perception of temperature. Every pose felt strong, and there was not even a point during the class where I had the usual anticipation of being ready for it to be over.

There's been a lot of this back and forth lately. Good day. Bad day. Good day. Bad day. If I could identify some magic formula that determines this, I would be sure to employ the correct inputs to bring about the positive outcomes. But it eludes me.

Such is the nature of these things.

Tomorrow is Kathy. Good day?

(for kicks, I'm going to start tracking these via tags... might be interesting to see the trends)

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