10 July, 2012

First first time in a long long time

Today was Hatha with Marva.

I've had some yoga field trips, where I've experienced new instructors, but today was the first time I have taken a class with a "new" instructor at UYS in a long time. Marva has apparently been there as a regular in the past, but was away for most of my tenure of doing yoga. It is always interesting to get a new person's perspective (except, of course, in Bikram, where there are no perspectives).

I'd heard Marva is tough. So I was curious what that would mean. It turns out, Marva is very gentle and soft-spoken. But the class earns its intensity via short rest periods. We did two sets of every standing pose, except Tree. Somehow, Marva packs the equivalent of a 75 minute class into 60 minutes.

The Hatha stint is doing my body justice. Starting to recover a bit. Mostly I have been making the necessary adjustments and I should probably recognize that.

Tomorrow I'll try Vinyasa again, but with a new "plan."

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