21 July, 2012

Finding the good day in the bad day

Today was 75 minutes of Power Vinyasa with Kathy.

I could just as easily have titled this "not letting the good day spiral into the bad day."

I think I've come close to "mastering" the endurance of a 60 minute Power Vinyasa class. It's only 60 minutes, and you know that it won't be long before the hard part is over. But a 75 minute class has a little "no-man's land" in the middle, where there's no end in sight. For some instructors, this ends up being a series of balancing poses. In some classes, it's some abdominal work. And in other cases, such as today, it was about 10 extra sets of Warrior III to Standing Splits.

As has been the case for the past few days, I have been trying to "Think Strong" and not go for the water unless it really feels like my body needs it. I tried to not take rest unless my body really needs it (first two breaks today were Dolphin Plank). But it caught up with me this time. I found myself in no-man's land, and started unraveling. Negative thoughts come in... I can't hear a word she's saying... there's no air... why isn't she opening the door... how many Warrior IIIs are we going to do... negative, negative, negative.

I never gave up, which I guess is a kind of victory, but I would like to be able to stay out of the negative thought land.

Near the end of class, Kathy gave me a little foot massage, and then the entire class sang along with "Imagine." Somehow this rescued this from being an entirely "Bad Day," but I am not sure how this class should be tagged. In fact, I am starting to wonder if it is really meaningful to tag things as being good or bad days.

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