08 July, 2012

Does anybody know what time it is?

Today was Power Vinyasa with Rob.

It was another of those rare occasions where I happened to be positioned facing the small clock that instructors use to check the time during class. Normally this clock is facing toward the wall so no one can see it. But occasionally they forget. And the result was that every Downward Dog had me facing back between my legs and seeing that clock.

I knew that we were 20 minutes into class after the first major flow sequence. I saw us hit the 40 minute mark and we hadn't gone to the floor yet. At 50 minutes we finally went to the mat, but it was clear that there was more than 10 minutes of class left. I started thinking "Does he know this is only a one hour class?" I was wondering when is it going to end. But the strange thing was that I was not suffering. I was not even really tired. There was no panic. But that clock made me want it to end. Had there been no clock, I would have had no idea class ran long.

What is it about time that is so fixating? Why is the movement of numbers in an inanimate device such a driver for state of mind?

There's not that much time left in the challenge. My body is feeling it. Today, every Chaturanga hurt. Even modified to the extreme, it was still uncomfortable. And my schedule has kept bringing me to Vinyasa rather than Hatha. Doing the best I can, but fatigue is setting in. I feel it in my wrists. I feel it even in my palms.

Rob kept the class cool today.

Thankful for that.

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