02 July, 2012

Bliss Part 1: Jo

Today was Power Vinyasa with Jo.

I don't know what, how, or why, but today the positive forces of the universe converged in a little bubble around Urban Yoga Spa.

I knew that I was going to do a double today. This is rarely something that I plan. But after the really tough experience I had yesterday in Yin, I wanted to go right back at it. And it just felt like
Jo's class was meant to be the prelude to that.

I had told myself that I'd better go easy to make sure I wasn't too dehydrated. But it turned out not to be necessary. The energy in the room today was so amazingly unified. In spite of a dismally cloudy July 2nd, we made the dimly-lit Studio A shine.

And there was nothing "special" about the sequence. It was not easier than usual. Maybe a hair less hot, but packed mat-to-mat nonetheless.

The thought that lingered in my mind was "Why?"

I am not trying to deconstruct it to the point that it has no raw value. But there had to be something different today. Was it me? My body? My mind? Was it Jo? Was it the room? Was it the chemistry of 100 yogis breathing in unison?

I won't get the answer to that. It's unknowable.

And there's a kind of beauty in that.

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