13 July, 2012

Becoming a blur

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra. 

Right? I think so. I think that's what it was. It's becoming a bit of a blur. I fell a couple of days behind on the writing, and it's catch-up time. The yoga challenge is extra-challenging when it means that I have 7 blog entries a week to write, and the back-log is unrelenting.

Yes. It was most definitely Cassandra. Friday at 4pm. I had made a special request that she not use the word "Dog" in class. It was a joke, of course, since that would be pretty hard to do unless you know all the sanskrit names, in which case, nobody else would know what she was saying.

How many Downward Dogs have I done in the past 9 months? How many Warrior II poses? How many times have I wrapped my arms in Eagle pose?

A year ago, well, 18 months ago, I had no idea what Downward Dog was. Now I assume everyone knows what it is. Chances are, most people have always known what it was, with the exception of me, since I was so yogilliterate. But now, yogaspeak is part of my daily lingo.

I honestly don't remember much about class on Friday. I remember it was hot in the room before we started, and one of my teammates took the personal liberty of propping the door open before class. I don't remember who was next to me. I barely even remember where I was in the room.

My commitment had been to write about these classes as soon after class as possible, to try to capture the feelings and thoughts fresh, while they were still clear in my mind. Almost like writing down dreams when you wake up. And much like a dream, this daily practice starts to blur. And as I get fatigued, my will to write about it is wavering. I even asked the question of myself, "Do I really need to write about every class?" And I think the answer is still "yes."

At least for now.

I am tired. And I will probably feel more enthusiastic once this lifts.

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