30 July, 2012

All you need is love... and yoga

Today was Power Vinyasa with Jo.

But much more important than the Wheels and Warriors and Planks we would eventually do, there was a little surprise for Jo at the beginning of class today. At the start of class, on behalf of the Community (with a capital "C") that is Urban Yoga Spa, Kathy presented Jo and her soon-to-be groom, Branden, with a wedding gift... one which will hopefully help their dreams come true, as they start on the next phase of this journey together.

Jo's the director of yoga at UYS. But she's a lot more to all of us. She's such a gentle, open, and honest heart. She's an inspiration to all of us. I had the opportunity to really start to get to know her better at Cassandra's Port Townsend retreat this year. It's quite likely I would have come to know her over time, anyway. But that trip really kick-started the friendship, as the small group of us bonded over three days of yoga, hiking, talking, laughing, dining, and (um...) drinking. After the retreat, I remarked to some friends that my original intention for attending had been to get to know Cassandra better, since she'd been the instructor who I'd probably credit with getting me irreversibly "hooked" on hot yoga. And I did get to know her better, for sure. But the unexpected surprise on that trip was that I also came to know Jo so much better. I'm so glad for that.

I've talked about community a lot in this blog. Mostly, it's been with respect to how I feel, personally, being a part of a community, and about the meaning that it has had in my life recently (as well as some of my fears and apprehensions about the same). But this was the first time I had a chance to witness, first-hand, what strong communities can really do. They bond together and mobilize around causes for the good of the entire community, and for the well-being and happiness of members of the community when important times come, whether they be good times or bad times. Now, I feel fortunate to have that community around me, and I also feel honored to be a part of it, and the good that it brings.

So... after that opening... how could today be anything other than an amazing class?

I needed only to set my intention on love (sending it out to Jo, but also creating a little space inside to have it for myself as well). And with that, everything felt light today. It was freaking hot. But it felt light. The poses were tough. But it felt light. We spent forever in Chairs and Crescent Lunges. But, all the while, it felt light. How could I possibly want to be anywhere but right here, right now? Right? Surrounded by people I know; people whom I come to know better every day, with every class, every gathering, every chance encounter on the street.

UYS is providing me with something that's been missing from my life. It's my community. It's my neighborhood. It's a place where everybody knows your name.

Who doesn't want that?

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