12 June, 2012

What's really going on here?

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra.

The yoga challenge has only been going for a week and a half, but I have done 28 classes in the last 26 days with only 1 day off in the middle. I had been taking good care of my injuries and even saw healing in two of them. But the last several days, since the retreat started, I have been ignoring my body's messages. My shoulder hurts a lot and I have been powering through Chaturanga and Side Plank anyway. I am telling myself that it's not making it worse, but each day it hurts a little more. Furthermore, I haven't even been taking any ibuprofen.

This is starting to sound repetitive again. But the question is "What is really going on here?" What am I trying to do to myself? It feels punitive in some way. I am not being kind to myself. It's a challenge to go 45 days in a row, and it requires a certain kind of discipline of finding that "middle way" and respecting it. I have been going 100% for days now. It cannot continue.

That said, Cassandra's class was difficult today, and it happened to feature a lot of what hurts me most, with flow sequences going through Side Plank. It was a struggle, battling the heat, trying to stay with the poses. I did modify some of the poses but not enough.

It may be almost time for another Hatha marathon, to give the shoulders a rest. The trip to Boston will be all Bikram, which I think will be a good thing.

Some days I feel a little stuck in my own stuff...

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