30 June, 2012

Stop complaining and just BREATHE

Today was 90 minutes of Power Vinyasa with Kelley.

I have never taken a class with Baron Baptiste. I have never watched a video of him teaching. All I know of Baptiste are the stories I am told, which are obviously many.

So when Kelley said that we'd be doing the Baptiste flow today, it didn't really mean that much to me other than being a bit intrigued how that would go. It's a humid day in Seattle and, in spite of this being the first class of the day (and not even that crowded), it was oppressively hot. At times I felt like I had no air. And that was really the main challenge of this class. Though it was difficult, my body was complying. But my brain was saying "MUST... HAVE... MORE... AIR!!!"

As always, this devolved into distraction and then, complaining. At one point in the class, I was actively contemplating the note I wanted to write after class about how difficult it has been to breathe in classes lately with the humidity. I'm planning every word with righteous rage, while also trying to figure out how to make sure it is anonymous.

And then something clicked.

I can actually breathe now, but I am still not breathing, because I'm more focused on this negative thought. The door is open. There is air. The hard part is over, at least for the moment. But I wasn't even aware of it. I was somewhere else.

This is so often how it goes. I'm getting a little better at recognizing it. And when I recognize it, I am getting a little better at modifying.

But it is a long, slow battle.

Kelley does a really great flow. I like the cadence of it. I always feel like my body and my breath are right in natural time with her guidance. And I like the way she helps re-envision a challenging pose by breaking it down into simpler steps of how the body should move.

There's nothing like a great teacher. And great teachers are quite often tough teachers.

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