13 June, 2012

Sometimes I wonder

Today was Power Vinyasa with Ginger.

I was very excited to take the noon class today. I knew Ginger would be hard, and I knew there would be things I could not do. But I was really ready for something completely different, and she did not disappoint.

Sometimes I start to wonder what the deal is with my core. Yoga is supposed to be a lot of core. And there are a lot of times during class where I feel like I am doing something with arms, legs, chest, shoulders that is supposed to be done with core. It's like I've got no core and I'm compensating.

Then, in a class like today, Ginger gives us a sequence where you cannot fake it. Repeated back and forth from Crescent Lunge to standing one-leg balance with the raised leg extended. That transition is 100% core. And I was falling all over the place, completely unstable.

Why is my core weak?

I knew I should have taken that job at the shipyard.

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